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Value of Vaccination

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Value of Vaccination

“Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure”. “Vaccines Are One of The Most Successful and Cost-Effective Health Investments in History”


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Age appropriate vaccination across different stages/circumstances of life improves health, reduces family’s healthcare costs and is widely recommended by Expert Health authorities across the globe.

Not only protects you but safeguards the entire community

Save 5 lives every minute

Have increased life expectancy by 15-25 years since its emergence

Help to reduce health and socioeconomic inequalities often observed with infectious diseases

Prevent certain form of cancers that occur because of infections such as HPV or Hepatitis B

Results in healthy Ageing

Improved political and economic stability

Increase the employee productivity by 50% with 23% reduction in absence rate and 30 % increase in effective and productive working day

“Through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood vaccines work to protect health at every stage of life”


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