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Package For Pre School Children


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Vaccination Package For Pre School Children

As children start going to school, they become more independent and start engaging in activities (such as sharing food, outdoor play, frequent travel) that can put them at higher risk of certain diseases. Contracting diseases at school going age can be severe and may lead to missing out on school/ exams or even lead to hospitalization. Hence it is important to protect them beforehand. Preschool Vaccination includes boosters that provide protection for a longer-term against certain diseases and ensures missed Vaccines, if any, are completed in-time. Every Vaccination counts.

INVC pre-school Vaccination package is designed by our Vaccine experts based on guidelines by Health expert authorities. Our Vaccination package recommendations include Vaccines from reputed brands that have strong scientific evidence and years of robust research.

Packages can be customized based on age and immunization history of the child. The pre-school Vaccination package is listed below:

No. Age of the child Vaccine Name Disease it prevents
1 4-6 Years DTP, IPV Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis; Haemophilus influenza type B & Polio
MMR Mumps, Measles, Rubella
Influenza Influenza

Note: If any Vaccine is missed previously, Catch-up vaccination from below list can be included in the package.

Catch-Up Vaccination


Disease it prevents










Meningococcal Meningitis

Benefits of INVC Package

Minimum Wait Time

Priority Vaccine with no more Waiting

Customized Solution

Customized Vaccination Packages as your Family Needs

Pocket Friendly

Best-in-Class Vaccination Experience delivered at Optimal Cost

Digital Vaccination Records

Digital Vaccination Records for Anywhere, Anytime Easy Access


You Pay the same Cost even if there is a price increase up to 10%

Flexi Pay

Flexible Payment Options Available for Vaccine Package Offerings

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