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About INVC Management

Our Values



Quality is at the heart of everything we think & do. We strongly believe our high-quality service drives the delightful experience we intend to deliver each time while engaging with you.



We firmly believe that transparency in sharing the relevant information is the foundation of trust & care in our relationship with you.



Our team of passionate professionals with strong domain expertise is 100% committed towards the wellbeing of you & your family.


Our Mission

A family where no child, adult or senior suffers from a Vaccine preventable disease, a productive community empowered to achieve its full potential and a healthier India working towards a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a space that is trusted by our customers and to empower individuals in making proactive and informed Vaccination decisions for themselves and their family members. INVC is committed to be India’s leading Vaccination service provider aiming to provide the best-in-class experience while keeping vaccine safety and INVC values at the core. We aim to expand geographically across the country for easy access and reach of our unique offerings and services for betterment of the community.



Vaccination is one of the most effective & cost-efficient health interventions recognized by leading Experts across the globe. INVC brings to you high quality vaccination and best-in-class experience for a healthier tomorrow.

Amit Modi – Founder & CEO

A Vaccines Champion, Mr. Amit is an industry veteran with about a decade of experience and has led some of the Top Vaccine brands in India. He is passionate about the cause of vaccination and driven by a strong sense of purpose in creating an ecosystem to address the unmet need of millions of Indian customers.

Sanjay Saraf – Co-Founder

Mr. Sanjay is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been leading a successful business venture for more than 25 years. He is an agile thinker, a visionary investor and a humanitarian who takes pride in generating great value for his customers.