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Value Added Services

Minimum Wait Time

Convenience is important while going for vaccination, especially when you are accompanied with your little one or older parent. At INVC, we ensure that you are valued and being attended for your service in minimal waiting time.

Digital Vaccination Record

Maintaining vaccination record is an important health record, as important as your child’s birth certificate or passport. You may need to present the vaccination record while getting admission for your child in school, while admitting him/her in day care or while planning for international travel. At INVC, we help to digitalize your vaccination records (including any previous record) so that you can access them anytime anywhere.


Reminder Alerts

Health regulatory bodies recommend timely vaccination is essential for the best protection. In many situations, while keeping up with our busy routine, we tend to miss out on due vaccinations as per the recommended schedule. At INVC, we ensure timely reminders and alerts for you/your child’s vaccination so that you don’t miss a single one.

On Demand Counselling

We know the challenges that one face around vaccination. Misleading information, several myths, schedule of vaccination, non-standardized pricing raise concerns and queries amongst many parents. INVC is your one-stop destination for all Vaccination related queries. Our trained Vaccine professionals are there to provide you with trusted information based on guidelines from leading global & local health authorities. You can connect for vaccine counselling through phone, chat or e-mail and as per your convenience.


Post Vaccination Care

We understand the worries that you may have post vaccination of your baby, elderly or your loved ones. There are many questions; doubts and one need proper guidance to comfort their vaccinated family member. At INVC, we ensure that parents are empowered and are well informed before making the right Vaccination choices. We provide free consultation of 2 days post vaccination from our Pediatricians to address any vaccine related side effects.

Flexi-Payment Options

We at INVC strongly believe that cost should not be a deterrent for complete vaccination of your family, especially those at higher risk of Vaccine preventable diseases. To facilitate vaccine uptake and ease one-time payment concerns, INVC offers flexible payment options on all our Vaccination packages where you can choose to pay in instalments.


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