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Our Experts


Parenting is a beautiful journey, but it can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your child’s vaccination. Leave the heavy lifting to our Vaccine Experts, while you sit back and enjoy the experience. Our trusted Pediatricians are here to recommend, care and support you to make your Vaccination journey a joyous one.

Dr. Amit Karajagi

MBBS, DCH (Mumbai), DNB Pediatrics

Dr. Amit is a Consultant Pediatrician and has been associated with leading hospitals across Mumbai & Thane. He has undergone various certification courses in the field of Pediatrics, Neonatology & Vaccinology and is skilled at managing routine consultations, Vaccinations, IPD and critical care for emergency situations. Dr. Amit has been an active member of the Organizing committee of Key Pediatric conferences and takes interest in reading and traveling in his leisure time.

Dr. Maitreyee Joshi

MBBS (Gold medalist), DCH (Mumbai)

Dr. Maitreyee is ambitious,focused and well organised with interests in General Pediatrics, Counseling and patient care.

During her residency in Jupiter Hospital, she actively participated and presented several papers and posters in key pediatric national and international conferences and was also entrusted to orchestrate and host them.

Our Experts

Vaccine Counselors

We understand the queries people have around vaccines and vaccination. To assist you with complete & trusted information on various aspects such as why, what, and how about vaccination, we have qualified and well-trained professionals who can help you make an informed decision.

Kavya Borkar

Kavya is a Management professional who is skilled at customer service, healthcare administration & operations, human resource and project coordination. She has earned her Master’s in Healthcare Management from Welinkar Institute of Management Development & Research. Kavya is an avid communicator and proficient in customer connects.

Sandeep Vats

Sandeep is an experienced professional who is skilled at customer service, on-ground operations and campaign coordination. He takes proactive interest in understanding customer concerns and providing customized solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Experts

Consultant Physician

Dr. Harshal Joshi

MBBS, MD (Medicine)

Dr. Harshal is a Consultant Physician and has been associated with Jupiter Hospital, Thane.

Our Experts

Lactation Counselor

Many new moms go through several challenges and issues in adapting themselves to breastfeeding. Common issues that they generally face is lack of supply, sore nipples, engorgement, incorrect latching, leakage, plugged duct or fungal infection. Lactation counsellors help you to understand basics of breastfeeding, suggest you right nutrition or galactagogues for inadequate supply, corrects baby’s latching pattern and motivates you to breastfeed as it is one of the most important and priceless gift a mother can give it to their little hearts.

Dr. Nirali Shah


Dr. Nirali Shah is a Consulting Homoeopath & Certified Lactation Counsellor in private practice. She has helped hundreds of mothers get a great start to their Breastfeeding journey with their little ones. She also works holistically and offers solutions to issues related to new moms with mastitis, engorgement and babies with dentition related issues. Also helps mothers with homeopathic solutions to acute , chronic ailments and lifestyle disorders. She has offered virtual help in the lockdown situation and helped many new moms with their initial breastfeeding journey. She manages key whatsapp support groups for new mom’s as well. Dr. Nirali is an Internationally Certified Parent-Baby Bonding Practitioner & Internationally Certified Attachment Parenting expert.

Our Experts


Dr. Vrushali


Dr. Vrushali is a Consultant Gynecologist and has been practicing in Thane. She has an extensive experience of 18 years in the field of obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has worked abroad with leading healthcare service providers and also in Indian public sector.

Our Experts

Childbirth Educator

For new mom-to-be, a thought on child birthing is exciting but at the same time scary. Childbirth educator helps parents to well-prepare themselves in advance physically as well as mentally for the special event. They help you to understand the different choices and busts the myths around the childbirth and pregnancy. Their counselling will make you feel more confident, positive and in turn help in making appropriate choices during and post your pregnancy journey.

Dr. Riddhi Chandarana

Dr. Riddhi Chandarana Kataria is a Physiotherapist, LAMAZE Certified Childbirth Educator, Labor & Lactation Support Professional.

She is passionate for anything pertaining to 2 P’S (Pregnancy & Parenting) & 3 B’s (Birth, Babies & Breastfeeding) and strives about bringing wellness and mindfulness to these sections.

Her goal is to help you have the most positive birth, feeding and parenting experience possible – as defined by you.

Lamaze Childbirth Education :
The Lamaze Technique, or simple Lamaze, is a prepared childbirth technique designed to instill confidence in the woman’s ability to give birth. Lamaze Courses do not support or discourage the use of medicines or routine medical interventions during labor and birth. Instead, they inform moms-to-be the facts needed to make informed decisions and by teaching them techniques to help alleviate pain. The Lamaze philosophy toward childbirth starts with the idea that women are the experts when it comes to their own bodies. The classes not only provide coping skills for dealing with contractions but an overview of what to expect during labor, tips for a healthy pregnancy and pointers on postpartum care.