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About INVC


About INVC

INVC or India Vaccination Centre is one-of-its-kind and India’s first comprehensive Vaccination service provider. The facility offers guidelines-based Vaccination across age-group that includes little ones, teens, adults, pregnant women and seniors (>50 years).

Our team of Pediatricians & Vaccine Experts are here to help you understand the importance of each vaccination, address your queries in detail and provide you with the best-in-class Vaccination experience. At INVC, we assure that individuals are empowered and are well informed before making the right Vaccination choices for their family. Our Experts are committed to provide you with trusted & credible information while ensuring high quality Vaccination at an optimal cost.

INVC provides complete range of high-quality Vaccines from World’s leading manufacturers at its facility. Our experts ensure Vaccine brands have robust data and are well-studied before they are included in the INVC protocol. The facility is equipped with modern cold storage system (2-8° C) with automatic temperature monitoring equipment & recorder to preserve Vaccines storage in a way which is fully compliant to India MOH & WHO Vaccine storage guidelines.

Driven by rich domain experience, listening to parent’s views through survey across India and applying first-hand learnings from their own parenting journey, the leadership at INVC has ensured its facility & services are unique, state-of the art and one that inspires delight. INVC facility is spacious, modern and designed considering the requirements of individuals across age-groups. For parents with small babies there is a separate breastfeeding room and a diaper changing room, for toddlers and young children the facility has a bright & colourful play area, for pregnant women and seniors there are well-ventilated waiting area, washrooms and wheelchair accessible entrance lobby. Our educative, curated content and our enthusiastic staff are always ready to support you during your short waiting time at the centre.

INVC offers unique value-added services to make your vaccination journey a delightful one. Our customized vaccination packages, digital vaccination records, on-demand counselling support, vaccination reminders, flexible payment options and post-vaccination care services are setting new benchmarks in the Vaccination industry adding convenience and creating a memorable experience for you and your family.

INVC also offers customized solutions for Vaccination at workplace and communities.

INVC professionals are empathetic and committed to care, especially for any post-vaccination support you may need. The facility is equipped to manage any adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and, if required, take necessary measures to restore patient health. Stringent COVID-19 measures such as mandatory masks, social distancing and frequent sanitization of facility have been put in place to ensure you and your family’s safety is given paramount importance. INVC healthcare professionals have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and have received other routine annual vaccinations to ensure our interaction with each customer generates trust and genuine care for them.

One roof offering for parents-to-be or new parents

We understand the support new parents need face in their parenthood journey. New mommies or moms-to-be, especially, go through a crazy ride with infinite questions crossing their mind and often seek professional support to ensure what’s best for their baby. To mark your journey a joyous one, we have a team of Lamaze certified Childbirth Educator to assist parents in getting prepared for a roller coaster ride, a Gynaecologist to support women with their health and a Lactation counsellor who coaches new moms for their beautiful breastfeeding journey, all under one roof.