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What is Pneumococcal disease?

Pneumococcal disease is an illness caused by bacteria called pneumococcus and infects ears, lungs, blood, and brain. It is often mild, but can cause serious symptoms, lifelong disability, or death. Children younger than 2 years and seniors older than 65 years are among those at highest risk for the disease.

What are the symptoms of Pneumococcal disease?

There are many types of pneumococcal disease. Symptoms depend on the part of the body it affects. Pneumococcal pneumonia (lung infection) causes fever or chills, cough, rapid breathing, or difficulty in breathing with chest pain. Pneumococcal meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord) causes stiff neck or headache, high fever, increased sensitivity to light, confusion. Blood infection (bacteremia and sepsis) from pneumococcal disease can cause fever, chills, or low alertness.

Is Pneumococcal a serious disease?

Pneumococcal disease ranges from mild to very dangerous. These illnesses can lead to disabilities like deafness, brain damage, or loss of arms or legs. About 1 out of 15 children who get pneumococcal meningitis dies.

Why should one get a Pneumococcal vaccine?

It protects against potentially serious, and even deadly infections cause by pneumococcal disease, like pneumococcal meningitis and pneumonia.

Follow the recommended Vaccination schedule to protect your child from Pneumococcal disease.

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Indian Medical Association (IMA) & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommend children & seniors receive all vaccines according to the recommended recommended Vaccination schedule.

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