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Measles is a highly contagious viral infection caused by the measles virus. It primarily affects the respiratory system and can cause a range of symptoms and complications.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent Measles infection.

Measles Vaccination schedule

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Children and adolescents from 5 years to 18 years of age who have missed taking the vaccine as per recommended schedule can still take the vaccination. Adults who were not vaccinated previously or whose immune titres are negative and want to be protected against measles can also get the vaccine.

Measles vaccination for children in Faridabad

The measles vaccination is usually given as part of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, which provides protection against all three diseases.
The first dose of the MMR vaccine, which includes protection against measles, is typically given to children at 9-12 months of age. A second dose of the MMR vaccine is usually administered between 15-18 months of age and the third dose is administered between 4-6 years of age. The second and third doses help to ensure long-lasting immunity and further boost protection against measles.

Measles Vaccination for adults in Faridabad

Adults who have not received the measles vaccine or have not had measles in the past should consider getting vaccinated to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the disease. Adults who have not previously received the measles vaccine should receive the first dose of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) at any age, followed by second dose post 28 days to the first one. There is no upper age limit to receive the measles vaccine.

Cost of Measles vaccination in Faridabad

The cost of measles vaccination depends on factors such as the type of vaccine, brand, manufacturer, applicable taxes and the vaccination service provider. On an average, the cost of MMR vaccination ranges between Rs 600 to Rs 1200 for each dose.

Measles vaccination at home in Faridabad

Vaccination at home offers a convenient, accessible and safe way to protect you and your family from a contagious measles infection. It allows individuals to receive the vaccine in a familiar environment, reducing potential anxiety or discomfort associated with visiting a clinic. Home vaccination not only saves time and effort, it also minimizes exposure to potential infections in crowded healthcare settings. INVC vaccine experts can help you with availability and scheduling of MMR vaccine at home in Faridabad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Measles is caused by the measles virus, which is a highly contagious and airborne virus. The virus belongs to the family Paramyxoviridae and the genus Morbillivirus.

Measles spreads through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It can also spread by touching surfaces contaminated with the virus.

He symptoms of measles include high fever, a rash that starts on the face and spreads to the body, cough, runny nose, red eyes (conjunctivitis), and sore throat.

Measles is highly contagious. An infected person can spread the virus to others from four days before to four days after the rash appears.

Measles can lead to complications such as ear infections, pneumonia, encephalitis (brain inflammation), and, in rare cases, death. Complications are more common in young children and individuals with weakened immune systems.

There is no specific antiviral treatment for measles. Supportive care, such as rest, fluids, and fever-reducing medications, can help manage symptoms and prevent complications.

Measles is highly contagious and can be transmitted from four days before the rash becomes visible to four days after the rash appears.

Measles can be prevented through vaccination. The MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps, and rubella, is highly effective. Two doses of the MMR vaccine are recommended for children, with the first dose given at around 12-15 months of age and the second dose between 4-6 years of age.

The measles vaccine is a vaccine that provides protection against the measles virus. It is usually given as part of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, which also protects against mumps and rubella

The initial dose of the MMR vaccine provides immunity to measles and rubella in approximately 90% to 95% of individuals who receive it. The purpose of the second dose is to generate immunity in those who did not develop adequate protection from the first dose. However, it is important to note that a very small percentage of individuals may still not be fully protected even after receiving the second dose.

Yes, the measles vaccine is considered safe and has been extensively studied. Like any vaccine, it may have mild side effects such as soreness at the injection site or a low-grade fever.

The side effects of the measles vaccine are generally mild and temporary. Common side effects can include soreness at the injection site, low-grade fever, and mild rash. Serious side effects are rare. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional for more information about potential side effects specific to the measles vaccine.

Yes, adults who have not been vaccinated or who have not had measles in the past can receive the measles vaccine. It is never too late to get vaccinated and protect yourself against measles.

The measles vaccine is generally safe for most individuals. However, there are certain exceptions. For example, individuals with severe allergies to components of the vaccine or those with weakened immune systems may be advised against receiving the vaccine. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

The measles vaccine is not recommended during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and unsure of your immunity to measles, it is best to discuss it with your healthcare provider for guidance. The first dose of MMR produces immunity to measles and rubella in 90% to 95% of recipients. The second dose of MMR is intended to produce immunity in those who did not respond to the first dose, but a very small percentage of people may not be protected even after a second dose. Rephrase it

If a pregnant woman inadvertently receives the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for further evaluation and guidance. The MMR vaccine contains live attenuated viruses, and while there is no evidence of harm to the foetus from inadvertent vaccination during pregnancy, it is generally recommended to avoid giving live vaccines to pregnant women as a precautionary measure. The specific recommendations may vary depending on the gestational age and individual circumstances, so it is important to seek medical advice for personalized guidance in such situations.
Women are advised not to receive any live virus vaccine during pregnancy as a safety precaution based on the theoretical possibility of a live vaccine causing disease (e.g., rubella virus leading to congenital rubella syndrome [CRS]).

While one dose of the measles vaccine provides some level of protection, two doses are recommended for optimal immunity. The second dose helps ensure long-term immunity and boosts the body's immune response to the virus.

You can get the measles or MMR vaccination by making an appointment with your doctor. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest INVC Vaccination centre or request a home visit by the INVC Vaccination team to receive the vaccine at your convenience.

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