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It's not easy for parents to watch their child getting vaccination shot. The fear about the pain or the cries of your little one makes you feel super worry. But still, as a parent nothing can be a best way to gift healthier life to your child then vaccination.

It is advised to take certain notes and prepare yourself pre-, during and post-vaccination to get the hassle-free experience.


Pre-Vaccination Actions

Be informed

Prepare yourself by gathering information and knowledge on vaccination, about the vaccine preventable disease, possible side effects and benefits of vaccine.

Pack your bag

Pack your bag with your kid’s favorite toys for distracting them post-vaccination. Keep extra diaper, carry some fluids (if baby is more than a year) and most importantly do not forget to carry your baby’s vaccination card.

Be honest to your baby

Be honest with your kid and convey them softly that a shot may pinch or hurt a bit. While communicating, keep a check on your tone and re-assure that your words are not scaring or threatening them.

Let them know benefits of vaccination and how it secures their life from serious life-threatening disease.

Talk with your baby

Inform and then perform is a key to get much needed co-operation from your child in any kind of situation. A day before vaccination, start talking to your baby about the vaccination visit and why it is important for him/her to get this shot. Talk on what are your plans, how will you go, when are you planning to go and assure them your full support and care.

Checklist of the queries

Prepare your list of queries that you wish to get it answered from your health professional, like what to do if child is getting high fever post vaccination, how to soothe if the site of the shot is getting inflamed and when is your baby’s next vaccination due.

During the vaccination

Hold your baby right

Holding your baby in right position depending on their age helps health care professional to give a shot without causing much discomfort to your baby. The holding positions should securely lock your kid and prevent them from moving their hand and legs during shot and make them feel comfortable, safe, and less fussy.

Ask your doctor

Make sure that all your questions on the checklist is being answered. Validate the information that you gathered before vaccination, know the brand, dosage, and next due vaccination schedule from your doctor. Understand what the possible side effects of the vaccination are and when to worry and consult them if child shows abnormal reactions.

Get prescription

Generally, your health care professional prescribes you paracetamol beforehand. In case, if he is not prescribing it, ask them what to give if baby is getting high fever post vaccination or pain at the site of injection.

Post vaccination Actions

Stay seated for a while

Many adolescents get fainted immediately post vaccination and may injure themselves by falling or collapsing, thus it is advised to stay seated for couple of minutes and observe child for any reaction.

Breastfeed your little one

Breastfeeding is magical in several ways. If your baby is crying or in pain, breastfeeding is the ultimate savior to calm and sooth your baby. This also ensure that your baby is staying hydrated.

Cuddling or touch therapy

Love is what all we need. Cuddling, swaddling, hugging your little heart ensures parent’s support and care and help them to come out of the pain and fussiness.

Apply icepack at the site

Applying icy water or wet cloth at the site of injection immediately soothes you baby, help her counter the pain and reduce the redness or inflammation.

Do not put or directly rub an ice to the site as it may irritate more and may make it more painful. Instead, take few ice cubes, rub on your palm, and then apply at the site of shot.

Once your baby is calm, wrap the ice cubes in a cloth and rub at the site of inflammation. Do this at least two to three times a day.

Keep them hydrated

If your baby is 6 months, ensure that he or she is breastfeeding enough to stay hydrated. Beyond 1 year, you can keep you kids hydrated by giving water sips or sugar free fruit juices. The best way to mark whether your baby is well hydrated or not is to take a note on number of pees per day. Ensure the pee count is 6 or more.

Distract them

Distract your kids by singing their favorite song or rhyme, playing with their favorite toy, or reading their favorite book. This certainly helps diverting their mind and focusing on something pleasant.

Smile, talk, make eye contact

Smiling and talking with your baby softly will help to reduce all crankiness. Make eye contact with them which will make them feel all is Ok and fine.

Appreciate them

Appreciate and praise your baby for being strong and brave on taking shots. This will ease your next visit and make them understand importance of vaccination.

Update your vaccination record

Don’t forget to update your vaccination card with correct information on brand, date, and dosage.

Give medication for high fever

Consult your doctor and give the prescribed dose of paracetamol if the baby is having high grade fever (>100oC).

Enjoy the parenthood by gifting the best of health to your baby through vaccination. Make informed decision about each step that you take for the healthy wellbeing of your baby.


“Each vaccination helps to build a healthy nation.”


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Prepare Yourself for Your Baby’s Shot

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