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Planning a Travel to abroad? Get Vaccinated

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We generally plan a lot when it comes to abroad travel for vacation or business purpose. We prepare a checklist to make sure that you carry all important stuff such as passport, documents, medicines, travel insurance and what not. But what we miss, is to insure our life…!
Global health regulatory bodies such as CDC and WHO recommend vaccinating yourself against country specific endemic disease which may land you in trouble and a big health risk.

Key Actions before you travel abroad:

  • Make sure you and your family are getting vaccinated as per country’s requirement
  • Keep your immunization card or record up to date
  • Talk to your health professional at least a month before to understand which vaccination you need to take, how long it takes to develop enough immunity and how many doses are required to get complete protection
  • Know the availability of a particular vaccine at your health care professional. Many clinics or health care centers do not stock yellow fever vaccine, so make sure that you are giving enough time to professional to make arrangement on its availability
  • Vaccinate yourself well before time to develop immunity before you land in the foreign country
  • If the plan is very last minute and the vaccine needs multiple doses, take at least one as it still gives you partial protection.

Immunization needs for travelers visiting other country.

As per Indian Medical Association (IMA), vaccines recommended for travelers are listed below:

Table 1: Vaccines for Travelers

Category Vaccine Disease that it prevents
Mandatory Vaccination Yellow fever
(For Endemic countries)
Yellow Fever
(For Endemic countries)
Meningococcal Meningitis
Routine Vaccination DTaP Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
Hep-B Hepatitis-B
MMR Mumps, Measles, Rubella
IPV Polio
Recommended Vaccination Influenza Influenza
Meningococcal Meningococcal Meningitis
PCV Pneumococcal
Hep-A Hepatitis-A
JE Japanese Encephalitis
Rabies Rabies
TCV Typhoid
Yellow fever Yellow fever
Cholera Cholera

You may feel that you have travelled globally so many times without vaccination. But you may not be saved from endemic disease every time, which may result is serious complications to not only you but to your own community as well.

So as soon as you plan a vacation, plan your immunization. Be wise and immunize to safeguard your family and community.



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  • Life course Immunization Guidebook, Indian Medical Association.

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